Prof. Barbara Barron Delivers Keynote at Japan Conference

Professor Barbara Barron delivered the keynote address “Convincing a Jury: Trial Advocacy in the Saiban-In Mixed Jury Trial” during the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations Program in Tokyo, Japan.

In January 2008, Barron participated in the first national trial advocacy training program for criminal defense attorneys in Tokyo. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations created the program to train attorneys in American/Anglo trial advocacy skills so that they will be prepared for the switch to the mixed judge/citizen jury system “saiban-in” that begins January 2009.

In October 2008, Barron returned to Tokyo to participate in the second such program. In both programs, more than 100 lawyers were trained. Barron has been invited to return to Japan in January 2009 to participate in another program in Osaka.

For her work in Japan, Barron will be profiled in an NHK (the “PBS of Japan”) documentary airing December 2008.