Prof. Katrina Kuh in The Boston Globe

Professor Katrina Fischer Kuh was quoted in a Boston Globe article“The turn to online research is narrowing the range of modern scholarship, a new study suggests” by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow.

More and more, the Internet dominates everyday life. Our daily experience – what we watch, listen to, and read; the people we date and the friendships we maintain – is increasingly shaped by the vast information landscape of the Internet, and how it is filtered for personal use.

Different interpretations notwithstanding, many experts agree that we have only begun to understand the repercussions of our Internet consumption. This dim awareness, despite the interactive ethos of Web 2.0, leaves us more passive than we may feel, in the grip of seismic change.

“We have an opportunity to maximize the good effects, and minimize the bad effects,” says Katrina Kuh, a law professor at Hofstra University. “We’re missing that opportunity.”