Prof. Barbara Barron Featured in Long Island Business News

Professor of Legal Writing Barbara S. Barron was featured in Long Island Business News’ legal briefs of the week by Michael Samuels for her appearance on Japanese television.

Hofstra prof huge in Japan

Hofstra Law Professor of Legal Writing Barbara S. Barron is appearing on Japanese television for a second time this month.

She is the subject of a one-hour documentary on NHK, Japan’s version of PBS, focusing on the U.S. jury system and jury involvement in determining sentencing for death penalty cases.

Barron had previously been seen on Japanese national news for the trial advocacy training program she participates in in that country.

Barron was one of four U.S. attorneys asked to participate in the first national advocacy training program for criminal defense attorneys in Japan. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations developed the program to train attorneys in American/Anglo advocacy skills so they are prepared for the switch to the mixed judge/citizen jury system “Saiban-in” that begins in January.

In November, NHK videographers visited Hofstra to interview Barron and film law students working with elementary school students as part of Hofstra’s Mock Trial Enrichment Program.

Barron last visited Japan in October to conduct another advocacy training session. She is returning in January to participate again.