Prof. Eric Freedman in The Indianapolis Star

Professor Eric M. Freedman was quoted in the following article in The Indianapolis Star.

Obama’s choice for Justice post is Bush critic
Dawn Johnsen, an IU law professor, is awaiting Senate approval
By Jon Murray
January 30, 2009

The transition to government lawyer after years in academia can be wobbly. Attorneys must provide a range of reasonable legal options instead of the one they consider most correct, said Eric M. Freedman, a professor of constitutional law at New York’s Hofstra University.

But Freedman expects Johnsen will fare better because of the ambitious tasks facing the administration.

“The position she is in, fortunately for her and for the country,” Freedman said, “is to restore the rule of law that the U.S. government has always adhered to until the regrettable blip of the last few years.”