Faculty Notes

Prof. Vern Walker Contributes Chapter to Uncertain Risks Regulated

Vern R. Walker, Professor of Law and Director of the Research Laboratory for Law, Logic and Technology

Professor Vern R. Walker recently published a chapter titled “A Default-Logic Model of Factfinding for United States Regulation of Food Safety” in the volume Uncertain Risks Regulated (Ellen Vos and Michelle Everson, Editors; Routledge-Cavendish Publishing, 2008).

The chapter applies his default-logic framework to the U.S. regulatory system for food safety, focusing on the rules and regulations for food additives and for pesticide chemical residues.

The chapter is part of a book that “compares various models of risk regulation in order to understand how these systems shape the relationship between law and science, and how they attempt to overcome public distrust in science-based decision-making.”