Prof. Andrew Schepard Comments in Newsday Story ‘State panel due to vote on child sex abuse bill today’

Professor Andrew Schepard was quoted in the following Newsday article.

State panel due to vote on child sex abuse bill today
BY Bart Jones
March 17, 2009

Legal experts were divided. James Cohen, a professor at Fordham Law School, said that while alleged victims might have to obtain a “late notice of claim” approval to proceed, he sees it as a “small possible obstacle” because most judges would grant the permission.

He said the main issue judges consider is why the claim was filed late, and that child sex abuse victims have a good reason – they were children when they were abused.

But Andrew Shepard, a law professor at Hofstra Law School, said the issue was not clear and might ultimately have to be decided by the state’s Court of Appeals. He said that laws similar to Markey’s enacted in other states have not resulted in large numbers of lawsuits against public-sector workers.