Prof. Alafair Burke Comments in Newsday on Outcome of Rape Case

Professor Alafair S. Burke was quoted in the following Newsday article.

Victim from Bellmore gets on with her life
BY Melanie Lefkowitz
March 17, 2009

Though a plea deal may indicate that a prosecutor is not confident of winning a trial, more than 90 percent of all defendants in all felonies plead guilty to lesser offenses, and rape convictions can be especially elusive, said Hofstra Law School professor Alafair Burke.

“I think jurors occasionally still have antiquated notions of what rape looks like,” she said.

For their part, Rouse and her mother, Irene Wagner, are relieved – that Burch will serve at least some jail time, and that their own legal odyssey is over.

“I think for a while it changed how I acted, how I was always sad, afraid to be by myself,” she said. “But it didn’t change me permanently, no.”