Prof. Norman Silber Announces Summer 2009 Faculty Workshop Series

Professor Norman I. Silber announced the Summer 2009 HOFSTRA LAW SCHOOL FACULTY WORKSHOP SERIES

Workshops begin at noon in the third floor faculty lounge (with lunch preceding).

Those who are not on the Hofstra faculty are asked please to emailNorman.I.Silber@Hofstra.edu or call 516-463-4157 to reserve a space.

The schedule and speaker list follow:

Monday, June 8 Prof. John DeWitt Gregory, “‘Pet Custody’: Distorting Language and the Law.”
In addition to his many distinguished contributions to the law of equitable distribution, John Gregory teaches teaching our offering in Animal Law. His presentation about court determinations of pet custody promises to be an unusually interesting and incisive work of creative analysis.

Monday, June 15 Profs. Alafair Burke and Julian Ku, Coordinators, Special Colloquium on Faculty Research. Alafair and Julian write that “we all know why we find our own scholarship groundbreaking, but we don’t always know how the outside world purports to assess it or how scholarship enhances our institutional reputation.” Theirs will be a presentation about ‘the scholarship of scholarship,’ with ample time left for a broader discussion of the role scholarship plays in our academic lives.

Monday, June 22 Professor Emanuel Halper, “Supermarket Lease Use and Exclusive Clauses and the Quest to define the Supermarket”
Emanuel Halper is the author of the leading treatise on shopping center leases, and has written a series of articles that collectively should comprise the definitive legal and cultural study of supermarkets. He writes that “as with many other business and government institutions we can understand the supermarket by learning about its origins; the economic, social, and political events that led to its foundation; and how its business model was shaped by these forces.”

Monday, June 29 Professor Elizabeth Glazer “Property’s Contingent Right to Exclude”
Arguing “that an owner’s invocation of the right to exclude depends upon the owner’s invocation of other rights in the property bundle,” Liz builds on arguments about the constructive impact of “outlaw behavior.” Her work includes a theoretical exposition of Meat Loaf’s assault on intellectual property law.

Tuesday, July 7 Professor Andrew Schepard, “The Uniform Collaborative Law Act: From Private Practice to Public Policy”
Andy is the preeminent American scholar/reformer in the growing area of collaborative law practice, and the Reporter on the uniform law project in this area. His workshop will take place three days before the anticipated final consideration of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.