Prof. Eric Freedman in New York Law Journal

Eric M. Freedman, Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law, was quoted in the following article in The New York Law Journal.

New Yorkers Welcome Nomination, Praise Judge as ‘Fair,’ ‘Intelligent’
By Mark Hamblett and Vesselin Mitev
May 27, 2009

Eric M. Freedman, a professor at Hofstra University School of Law who attended Yale Law School with Judge Sotomayor, described her as “thoughtful and careful in the way she moves.”

“Her demonstrated record is that she is squarely in the mainstream of current legal thinking and . . . it is a pretty sound prediction that she will be appropriately confirmed as being entirely non-controversial,” said Mr. Freedman, who teaches constitutional law. “The objective judicial record demonstrates that you are talking about a judicial centrist, which may well be part of the attraction for Obama.”

Mr. Freedman said Judge Sotomayor’s judicial approach is “consistently to work along established paths rather than seek to forge new ones.”

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