Prof. Monroe Freedman in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Professor of Law Monroe H. Freedman was quoted in the following Atlanta-Journal Constitution article.

GBI files complaint over judge’s conduct
By Carrie Teegardin
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution
June 14, 2009

A judge acting in the way the GBI complaint described would be “abusing the power of her office for personal reasons,” said Monroe H. Freedman, a law professor at Hofstra University and one of the nation’s foremost experts on judicial ethics.

Two days after the judge met with local sheriffs and the drug task force commander, she summoned veteran GBI Agent Del Thomasson to her chambers after he testified in a case. Thomasson brought his supervisor into the room and activated a tape recorder.

During the meeting, the judge told Thomasson’s supervisor that Thomasson is “playing a very dangerous game,” according to a GBI transcript.

The supervisor asked whether the judge was threatening the agent and in what regard she considered the agent, a highly regarded veteran, to be dishonest.

The judge did not elaborate.

“I didn’t threaten,” she said, according to the tape. “You can get out now. Get out of my office. Get out of my office. Del, don’t you ever speak to me again on the street. Don’t you ever speak to me or any member of my family. Now get out of here! Get out of here!”

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