Prof. Eric Lane in Newsday

Eric Lane, Eric J. Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Public Service, was quoted in the following Newsday article.

Stakes are high in State Senate coup
By James T. Madore
June 21, 2009

In 1965, the last time Democrats won control of the Senate, intraparty squabbling over leadership posts in both houses delayed proceedings for a month. The impasse was finally broken by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, a Republican, who made it known that his party’s members should vote for one of the two Democratic candidates.

“The government was totally paralyzed until the Republicans got involved,” said Jerome L. Wilson, a Democratic senator from 1963 to 1966.

Paterson stepped up efforts over the weekend for a resolution, including a threat to keep senators in Albany.

Eric Lane, a law professor at Hofstra University who worked for Senate Democrats in the 1980s, said the public’s frustration was understandable. But he said only the senators could break the logjam.

“It’s up to these guys to be adults and solve this,” he said. “They shouldn’t be let off the hook. They have to solve this or they should get voted out of office.”