Prof. Monroe Freedman in The Washington Times

Professor of Law Monroe H. Freedman was quoted in the following Washington Times article.

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. attorney nominee won’t ID all clients
By Jim McElhatton
The Washington Times
June 23, 2009

As for Mr. Fishman’s confidential clients, Monroe H. Freedman, the former dean of Hofstra University’s law school, said that if confirmed, Mr. Fishman should call for an outside lawyer to handle cases involving his former clients.

Private lawyer Richard E. Flamm, who has written a book on lawyer conflicts of interest, said that although he’s not familiar with Mr. Fishman’s situation, law firms often face instances in which a conflict arises that a lawyer cannot ethically disclose.

“Some firms decline to undertake the representation in this instance; others probably undertake the representation and cross their fingers that the conflict goes undetected,” he said.

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