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Prof. Andrew Schepard Reports Adoption of Uniform Collaborative Law Act

Professor Andrew Schepard reports that at its July 11th meeting in Santa Fe, the Uniform Law Commission voted to adopt the Uniform Collaborative Law Act.

The Act is the first national legislation to recognize collaborative law as an alternative dispute resolution process. It is also the first uniform act that articulates requirements for informed client consent to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process and a duty upon lawyers to protect the safety of clients from domestic violence when the client participates in ADR.

The UCLA now goes to the Style Committee for final review, and Professor Schepard will revise the Act’s commentary. It then goes to the ABA House of Delegates and, ultimately, the state legislatures for enactment.

The following Hofstra Law students worked in the research and development of the Act: Yishai Boyarkin, the mediation clinic director and recent LL.M. student, Elizabeth Bruzzo and Rebecca Miller, class of 2007, Laura Daly, class of 2008, Angela Burton, Jesse Lubin, Joshua Reiger, and Brittany Shrader, class or 2009, and Mary Ann Harvey, Ashley Lorance, Beyza Killeen, and Jessie Fillingim, class of 2010.

On November 19 and 20, 2009, Hofstra Law will host “COLLABORATIVE LAW: Opportunities, Challenges and Questions for the Future,” a conference hosted by Hofstra Law’s Center for Children, Families and the Law, whose Director, Professor Andrew Schepard, is the Reporter for the Uniform Collaborative Act drafted by the Uniform Law Commission.

Academics and practitioners will discuss the present and future of collaborative law and the UCLA.

Topics include Collaborative Law in the context of legal ethics and professional responsibility, mediation, arbitration and other ADR processes, access to justice and vulnerable populations, domestic violence, informed consent, legal education, legal fields other than family and divorce law, and interdisciplinary practice.

Special issues of the Hofstra Law Review and Hofstra’s Family Court Review will be devoted to Collaborative Law and the UCLA.

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