‘Keeping Promises to Immigrant Youth’ by Prof. Theo Liebmann

Professor Theo Liebmann has published an essay in a symposium issue of the Pace Law Review. Professor Liebmann’s article, “Keeping Promises to Immigrant Youth,” analyzes how New York has adapted to federal law requiring assistance to youth who do not have legal immigration status. Professor Liebmann writes: “At least 1.8 million youth with no legal immigration status live in the United States, and about seven percent, or 126,000 of them, live in New York State. They face futures with little or no likelihood of legal employment, health insurance, or higher education of any sort. For those immigrant youth who end up under the jurisdiction of the Family Court, however, there is recourse. The recent statutory changes, common law rulings, and agency directives described in this Essay provide these youth with a much better chance of beating the odds in New York but only if the judges, agencies and lawyers working in the State family courts educate themselves about the new provisions diligently, and implement them vigorously.” The article is available at 29 Pace Law Rev. 511.