Prof. Ronald Colombo Joins Editorial Review Board of The Review of Business

Professor Ronald J. Colombo has joined the editorial review board ofThe Review of Business Journal, a refereed publication with a Global Review Board consisting of distinguished business scholars or practitioners who have a lengthy publication record.

The Review of Business began in 1968 as a journal focused on the New York Economy and rapidly increased its scope to include a wide range of business research from all business sciences, including those that focus on law, poverty and ethics. Accepted articles contain a high degree of empirical and theoretical analysis but favor the practical and applicative side of inquiry. Articles received by the Journal are reviewed by the Editor and two independent reviewers. Furthermore, each article is checked for originality and accuracy of citations. The Journal is listed in Cabell’s Directory and the acceptance rate of articles ranges between 21-30%.

The Review of Business has a subscription base totaling approximately 2,000. It is published three times per year; however, at times this may change depending on the flow of articles. Articles featured in the Review of Business offer insight into some of the most relevant topics in today’s business world. Recently published articles have addressed subjects that include: issues in the financial crisis; improving information systems performance; the hidden costs of outsourcing; product development and time-based competition; judging your portfolio’s return; value-added international accounting standards; teaching points, and invited commentary. In 1998 the Review of Business won the Association of University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) Award for quality in publication.