Prof. James Sample in Harvard Law Review

Professor James Sample was cited in multiple articles for his work on judicial elections in the Harvard Law Review. Three references are to a 2006 report Professor Sample co-authored on campaign fundraising in judicial elections entitled, “The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2006: How 2006 Was the Most Threatening Year Yet to the Fairness and Impartiality of Our Courts – and How Americans Are Fighting Back.” Professor Sample is presently working on a subsequent edition of the New Politics of Judicial Elections report, which will come out in late December of this year or early January 2010.

The case comment introducing the three commentaries cites a report on campaign fundraising by state supreme court candidates that Professor Sample co-authored entitled, “Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Co.: Due Process Limitations on the Appearance of Judicial Bias.”

Professor Penny White’s article Relinquished Responsibilities cites the “New Politics of Judicial Elections: 2006” twice, and also cites an article Professor Sample co-authored in the Washburn Law Journal.