Prof. Hillary Burgess Publishes Academic Support Newsletter Featuring Articles by Professors Susan Joffe, J. Herbie DiFonzo

Professor Hillary L. Burgess co-edited and published the AALS Section of Academic Support Newsletter, The Learning Curve, with Professor Corie Rosen (ASU). Professor Burgess was invited to restore the publication after the publication was on hiatus for several years. Initial response to the call for articles was so overwhelming that Professors Burgess and Rosen were able to accept enough articles to create the first two editions. In the Fall edition, Professor Susan H. Joffecontributed a pivotal piece in the article about incorporating Academic Success and Legal Writing principles into doctrinal courses. The Spring edition, which focuses on providing effective feedback to students, will feature an article by Hofstra’s Professor J. Herbie DiFonzo.

Generally, The Learning Curve focuses on providing timely advice about counseling and advising students about legal analysis and the study of law. The publication also focuses on creating and developing successful Academic Success Programs. The edition was published in time for distribution at AALS with an enormous demand for and positive feedback about the newsletter.