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Prof. James Sample Publishes ‘Roberts: Corporate $peech Good, Presidential Speech “Very Troubling” ’

On March 10, 2010, Professor James Sample published his article “Roberts: Corporate $peech Good, Presidential Speech ‘Very Troubling’ ” in The Huffington Post. The article has been linked to and cited on electionlawblog, run by Rick Hasen at Loyola Law School; Howard Bashman’s website, How Appealing; and scotusblog.

Roberts: Corporate $peech Good, Presidential Speech “Very Troubling”
by James Sample
March 10, 2010


The numbers reflect what the public already knows. The political world prior to Citizens United was hardly lacking the corporate perspective. Do corporations have rights? Of course. But they are also creatures of the state, which is why Dahlia Lithwick aptly described Citizens United as the Supreme Court’s “Pinnochio Project.” Corporations don’t go to jail; don’t face execution; don’t vote; do have eternal life; and are different from regular citizens in all sorts of meaningful ways, particularly when it comes to matters of political process. Perhaps, in light of the ongoing census, in the new civics paradigm, Delaware should have more congressional seats than California?


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