Prof. Joanna Grossman Comments in The Gainesville Sun on Impact of Gender-Based Promotions

Professor Joanna L. Grossman was quoted in the following Gainesville Sun article.

City ready to crack down on ladies’ night, other gender-based promotions
by Chad Smith
March 25, 2010


Grossman said Gainesville is right for enforcing its ordinance, regardless of the motivation.

Just because the ladies’ night practice is generally accepted doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful in terms of promoting stereotypes and societal divisions, she said.

“It’s not really up to a court or to a business owner to say, ‘Well, this has always been done this way so we’re going to continue to do it,'” she said.

“The harm is in the perpetuation of stereotypes,” she said. “You take customers as they come, and that includes men and women and whites and African-Americans and everybody else.”

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