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Prof. Norman Silber’s Book Test and Protest Cited in Article on Consumers Union

Professor Norman I. Silber’s book, Test and Protest, was referenced in the article The People’s Regulator on the blog Dirt Diggers Digest. The article talks about the influence and importance of Consumers Union and Consumer Reports. The blogger, Phil Mattera, observes: “More than a magazine, it [Consumer Reports] is a bulwark against shoddy manufacturing and dishonest practices that threaten the physical and financial well-being of the public. It is the people’s regulator.” Mattera traces CU’s history back to the beginning, referring several times to Professor Silber’s book on CU.


CU was established in 1936 by a group of engineers, researchers, writers and editors who were unabashedly leftwing and saw their work as complementary to the growing labor movement. The organization’s mission was, Silber notes, threatening not only to manufacturers but also to the commercial media, which saw its independent product ratings as “an unfair and subversive attack upon legitimate advertising.” Many major magazines and newspapers refused to let CU advertise Consumer Reports in their pages.

Read the full article at: Dirt Diggers Digest.

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