Prof. Monroe Freedman Publishes 4th Edition of Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics

Monroe H. Freedman, Professor of Law

The fourth edition of Monroe Freedman’s and Abbe Smith’s book, “Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics,” has just been published. The Professional Lawyer, published by the ABA’s Center for Professional Responsibility, has called it “thoughtful and eloquent” and “rich with
practical examples.” The new edition includes:

• A new section on Law vs. Justice, in addition to the section on Moral Values and Ethical Choices.
• The debate between Mike Tigar and Monroe Freedman on morality in lawyering.
• A new chapter on Lawyers’ Ethics in a Time of Crisis.
• A concise but comprehensive chapter on Prosecutors’ Ethics.
• A demonstration that the corporate-fraud “report up” and “report out” provisions have been deliberately drafted to defeat their purported purpose.
• An on-line debate among Steve Gillers, three practicing lawyers, and Monroe Freedman about professionalism, and whether a lawyer should take advantage of an adversary’s mistake.

In addition, Professor Alice Woolley of Calgary University Law School recently submitted her manuscript for the Canadian edition, titled “Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics in Canada.

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