Faculty Notes

Norman Silber Presents 2 Papers at 2010 ARNOVA Conference

Norman I. Silber, Professor of Law

Professor Norman I. Silber presented two papers at the Annual Conference of ARNOVA, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action, held Nov. 18, 2010, in Alexandria, Virginia.

His paper “The Problematic Presumption of Nonprofit Board Confidentiality,” presented at a session titled “Tools to Enhance Public Accountability: From Expanded Disclosure to Amending Tax-Exemption Requirements,” suggested theoretical and practical explanations for legal presumptions about access to board deliberations.

His commentary “Exceptional Nonprofits and Nonprofit Exceptionalism,” presented at a colloquium titled “How Can We Balance Legitimate Public Regulation of Nonprofits with First Amendment Freedoms?” defended state regulation of nonprofit activities against assertions of undue intrusion on rights of speech and association.