Prof. James Sample’s Criticism of General Electric Appears in The Huffington Post

James Sample, Associate Professor of Law

Professor James Sample’s article, General Electric’s $0 Tax Bill: A Citizens United Perspective, appeared in The Huffington Post on Friday, March 25th. Professor Sample’s article provided insight into General Electric and the tactics they employ in order to keep their federal taxes low, so low that they are even owed money by the U.S. Federal Government. An excerpt can be seen below:

“To put a political influence gloss on this, GE’s worldwide profits in 2010 amounted to 14 times the aggregate (and record-breaking) amount that Barack Obama and John McCain raised in contributions from actual, living and breathing, American human persons combined in 2008. Yet, to carry the comparison a bit further, it doesn’t exactly involve going out on a limb to surmise that the combined tax burden of all of those actual, living, breathing American human people amounted to a whole lot more than zero. Or, if you prefer, more than negative $3.2 billion.”

To read Professor Sample’s article visit The Huffington Post by clicking here.