Prof. Fred Klein Discusses Long Island Serial Killer Case on CBS Early Show

“Person of interest” in Long Island killings?

CBS Early Show

April 12, 2011



“You’re dealing with a very prolific, evil person – or group of people – assuming these are all linked,” Fred Klein, an assistant professor of law at Hofstra University who helped prosecute Long Island killer Joel Rifkin in the early ’90s, tells CBS.

“Once we got past the initial four (bodies), and now you have another cluster of four, nothing is going to shock me,” Klein said when asked if the possibility of 10 linked victims surprised him.

But he is surprised by how close together the bodies have been found — within a few miles of each other. Klein calls the discovery, “somewhat unique for a serial killer.”

“Most of them want to spread the bodies apart so that if one is found, there is no connection to the others,” he explains.

“It’s definite that the police have very good leads. It’s very unusual to find a burial site with multiple victims. So just from that alone – they’ve got leads,” added Klein.

Watch the video and read the full article at cbsnews.com.


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