Published on June 3, 2011 | by LawNews

Prof. Daniel Greenwood Discusses Unemployment as a Political Choice

In Daniel J. H. Greenwood’s most recent article for the online edition of Dissent Magazine, titled “Unemployment Is a Political Choice,” he asserts that unemployment and the destruction of the middle class are political choices, not an economic inevitability.


The truest test of the success or failure of our economy is jobs. Good jobs provide income, obviously, but also security, meaning, and community. Unemployment, in contrast, is bad not only for economic wellbeing but also for physical and mental health. A decent society, at least one where self-worth is as tied to employment as in ours, must ensure that all who want to work, can.

By this test, we are failing. Unemployment is shockingly high and underemployment is even higher. Worse yet, workforce participation has dropped to levels not seen since women began entering the work force en masse decades ago: people are simply giving up, concluding that there is no point in continuing to look for jobs that are not there.

Read the full article on dissentmagazine.org.

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