Prof. Alafair Burke Blogs at The Huffington Post on Prosecutors and the Press in the DSK Case

By Alafair Burke
The Huffington Post
July 5, 2011


It was only a month and a half ago that cocktail party chatter was suddenly dominated by the sodomy and attempted rape accusations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Despite the case’s inchoate posture, we quickly knew many of the supposed details. Thanks to a notoriously tabloid-like newspaper we learned that the accuser, a maid at the luxurious Sofitel hotel, was supposedly a young widow and single mother who lived with her daughter in housing reserved for HIV-positive adults. She was said to be from Guinea. Reporters went so far as to track down her relatives, who were said to be so unsophisticated and off-the-grid that strangers from the media could only attempt to explain to them the level of power enjoyed by the man who now stood accused by their niece and cousin.

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