Prof. Serge Martinez Discusses Importance of Customer Service in Legal Profession

Serge Martinez, Clinical Professor of Law

Customer Service a Lost Art for Lawyers
By Gregory Zeller
Long Island Business News
July 6, 2011


The concept of service with a smile is lost on the legal profession.

No one would suggest that every attorney or firm has forgotten the value of proper customer service. But insiders agree that, in general, lawyers focus more on case law than comradeship. And worse than simply damaging professional relationships, this shortsighted focus on the procedural, at the expense of the personable, challenges the attorney’s ability to properly represent the client.

“It’s not just touchy-feely,” noted Professor Serge Martinez, head of the Community and Economic Development Clinic at Hofstra Law School. “Treating your clients as individuals and establishing a good relationship is crucial to good representation. If you don’t get to know them, you assume every client wants what you want, or what the average person would want, and that’s not always the case.”

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