Prof. Amy Stein Co-Authors ABA Committee’s Best Practices Report on Use of Adjunct Faculty

"Amy R. Stein, Professor of Legal Writing Assistant Dean for Adjunct Instruction Coordinator of the Legal Writing Program"

Amy R. Stein, professor of legal writing and assistant dean for adjunct instruction, serves on the American Bar Association’s Adjunct Faculty Committee and co-authored their most recent report the Best Practices Report on the Use of Adjunct Faculty. The report aims to identify best practices in providing adjunct faculty with orientation, guidance, monitoring and evaluation, as well as prompt discussion regarding adjunct faculty professional development issues at law schools nationwide.

Hofstra Law School was featured in the report for its innovative training methods for adjunct faculty members. Specific practices highlighted by Stein and her co-authors include: creation of theAdjunct Faculty Resource Page, an online source for basic information, sample documents and teaching resources; improved routine contact with adjunct faculty through various communication channels; and implementation of social and pedagogical training sessions.

The report concluded that many law schools do not “recognize the full potential of adjuncts for meaningful contributions in the classroom and beyond.” Stein and her co-authors are hopeful that this report will help to bridge this gap by providing a series of successful practices already in place at other institutions that promote excellent teaching by adjuncts.