Family Law with Skills Course Selected as Model of Innovative Teaching by Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers

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Co-taught by Andrew Schepard and J. Herbie DiFonzo, the “Family Law with Skills” course has been selected by Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers (ETL) as a model of exemplary innovative teaching. An in-depth profile of the course, including video interviews with Schepard, DiFonzo and Erin McGrath 3L, has recently been made available on the ETL website.

Family Law with Skills covers the same core legal doctrine material as a traditional family law course. The curriculum also incorporates required field observation and simulated exercises to introduce law students to the essential skills and values emphasized by the Carnegie Report and the Family Law Education Reform Project Report.

Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers utilizes the Carnegie Model and the work of law schools and professors committed to legal education reform to align legal education with the needs of the evolving legal profession. ETL is an initiative of the Institute for the Advancement of the Legal System at Denver University School of Law. For more information, visit educatingtomorrowslawyers.du.edu.