Prof. Daniel Greenwood Comments on TransCanada’s Oil Spill Bond

TransCanada’s $100M Oil Spill Bond: True Value Debated as Neb. Pipeline Session Nears

By Elizabeth McGowan

Inside Climate News

October 28, 2011



TransCanada’s warning to the Nebraska legislature that such a law would be illegal is a classic case of crisis response by a major corporation, said Daniel J.H. Greenwood, a law professor at Hofstra University, so it’s understandable that lawmakers are on edge about relocating the Keystone XL.

It’s not all that difficult to intimidate or overrun a “taxaphobic” legislature with just the threat of a lawsuit, said Greenwood, who is not involved in Nebraska’s debate over the pipeline.

“Even if this is a fight worth fighting,” he said, politicians are reluctant to engage in a lawsuit that could be so expensive that it might force them to raise taxes. “That’s why fear is a terrible thing.”

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