Hofstra Law Students Help Organize National Leadership Summit on School-Justice Partnerships

Two students review material outside on the Hofstra campus.

A group of Hofstra Law students have played a role in organizing the forthcoming National Leadership Summit on School-Justice Partnerships: Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court, to be held at New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel on March 11-13, 2012. The Summit, presented by the New York State Permanent Commission on Justice for Children—of which Andrew Schepard is a member—will serve as a unique opportunity for our students in the New York metropolitan area to improve the way the legal and educational systems interact and promote policies that benefit students, their families and communities.

Hofstra Law students have conducted background research for the Summit and have helped with its extensive organizational tasks. They have also organized over 50 law student volunteers from New York area law schools to serve as student reporters at the Summit. The students involved are: Brionna Denby, Laura Damiano, Jennifer Everett, Erin McGrath, Stephanie Matar, Brittany Reiner, Courtney Rodriguez, Jamie Rosen, Erin Ross and Ariana Sanai.