Prof. Janet Dolgin Discusses Issues Within Health Industry and Hofstra’s Health Care Symposium

Janet L. Dolgin, Jack and Freda Dicker Distinguished Professor of Health Care Law and Director of Health Law Studies


Still, as Internet cloud-based apps and social media create endless possibilities for the treatment of patients, they raise disconcerting ethical and legal implications.

“How do we preserve the sanctity of the clinician-patient relationship in the context of smartphones, emails and texting when people don’t even meet to discuss their health-care concerns,” said Janet Dolgin, a professor at Hofstra University’s law and medical schools and co-director of the Hofstra Bioethics Center. The center recently hosted a symposium to address these issues knocking on the health-care industry’s door.

Dolgin said she came away from the conference, titled “The Ethics of Internet Cloud-Based Apps and Social Media in Health Care,” with an understanding that “we are, as a society, in the middle of a great transformation. Transformations always mean disruption, and this one if affecting our health-care system.”

“As we move from one era to another, people are picking up and running with this technology with no idea what the implications are,” she said. “I find it to be very troubling.”

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