Prof. Susan Fortney Participates in ABA Professional Responsibility Panel

Susan Fortney, Howard Lichtenstein Distinguished Professor of Legal Ethics and Director of the Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics

Susan Fortney participated in a panel discussion on “Law Firm Management &  Supervision: Where We Are &  Where We’re Headed,” at the 38th ABA National Conference on Professional Responsibility on June 2.

Comments made by Fortney and her co-panelists were the focus of a feature article in the latest issue of the ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct.


Fellow panelist and Hofstra University law professor Susan Saab Fortney said one argument would be that the pro bono coordinator is a manager even if she is not actually supervising the pro bono work, and that her responsibility under Rule 5.1(a) to take measures to promote ethical conduct would include making appropriate efforts to ensure a proper transition when the associates handling the case left the firm.