Prof. Ronald Colombo Discusses Implications of JPMorgan’s $5.8B Loss

Ronald J. Colombo, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law


That revelation could mean big trouble for the bank, said Ronald Colombo, a professor at Hofstra University School of Law. While it is entirely possible that the misstatements by traders could be the work of a small, isolated group, it might be an indication of a larger problem, he said.

“This could be evidence of a culture that, for whatever reason, gives rise to this sort of behavior and this kind of misreporting,” Colombo said.

The restatement could also open JPMorgan up to a new front in litigation launched by shareholders.

“The company as a whole could be open to investor lawsuits, because the company lied to investors. The company put its name to filings that were inaccurate,” Colombo said.

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