Prof. Katrina Kuh Posts Piece on Transparency and Sustainability at Environmental Law Prof Blog

Katrina Fischer Kuh, Associate Professor of Law

On December 3, 2012, Professor Katrina Fischer Kuh posted a piece entitled “Rethinking Sustainable Development, Environmental Law Collaborative Essay #1: Transparency in Support of Sustainability” on the Environmental Law Prof Blog.

The initial piece argues that climate change poses a unique threat of harm, as well as a unique “opportunity to force a reckoning with the unsustainable practices that underlie U.S. lifestyles.”

The piece proposes promoting transparency to combat climate change through proposals including “carbon footprint labeling of goods, smart meter technology, individual carbon footprint calculators, and reorienting domestic climate policy to better engage individuals.”

The piece concludes by emphasizing that a siginficant “challenge for legal scholars, then, is how to use law and policy to reveal, or at least not obscure, the environmental harms occasioned by our lifestyles.”

The complete posting can be accessed here.