Prof. Eric Freedman Says That While President Obama Needs Congressional Help to Change Gun Laws He Can Do Much on His Own

Eric M. Freedman, Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law

Professor Eric Freedman was interviewed for the December 18, 2012 article “After US School Shooting, What Can the President Do?” written by Maria Young for RIA Novosti, the Russian International News Agency. In the article Professor Freedman argues that while President Barack Obama needs, and will soon get, congressional action on changes in gun laws, Obama can choose to vigorously enforce the laws already on the books through Executive Orders and agency enforcement. Professor Freedman explained that this “could have a fairly significant impact because you could get some dangerous people and weapons out of circulation but also because high visibility campaigns have a deterrent effect and would provide political cover for state officials who want more enforcement without the political risk.”

The entire article can be accessed here.