Prof. Daniel Greenwood Co-Authors Op-Ed Calling for Violent Video Games to Be Seen, Regulated as Paid Corporate Ads

Professor Daniel Greenwood co-authored an op-ed for The Atlanticwith Jim Sleeper to reframe the debate on gun control in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementrary massacre, President Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural Speech, and the Obama Administration and Senate Democrats push for gun safety. The op-ed entitled “To Stop Gun Violence, We Need to Remember We Can Regulate Corporate Speech and Advertising” argues that there must be a multi-pronged effort to get control measures passed, and one of those prongs should be restricting the content of violent video games, an idea normally proffered by the National Rifle Association, but under a bruter more causational rationale. Professor Greenwood argues that violent video games should be regulated not because of the excessive violence in the game but because it is commercial speech, designed to profit corporations from the sales of the video games and the specific guns used in video games, and that any “video games’ depictions of name-branded guns should be identified as paid ads and games should — if the science warrants — bear mental health warnings.” Greenwood also argues that “like cigarettes and alcohol, guns themselves should be labeled with truthful disclosures of the actual number of people who commit suicide by their own guns, or have their guns turned against them in crime (as Adam Lanza’s mother did), or have their guns stolen and used by criminals — compared the trivial number who successfully fend off armed criminals.”

The entire op-ed can be accessed here.