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Chicago-Kent Law Review to Publish LLT Lab Article

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Hofstra Law’s Research Laboratory for Law, Logic and Technology (LLT Lab) has had an article accepted for publication in the Chicago-Kent Law Review (forthcoming May 2013).

The title of the article is “The Law School as Knowledge Center in the Digital Age.”

Professor Vern R. Walker co-authored the article with four student researchers from the Lab: A.J. Durwin, Philip H. Hwang, Keith Langlais and Mycroft Boyd. The four students will graduate in 2013.

As stated in the article’s abstract:

“This article explores what it would mean for law schools to be “knowledge centers’ in the digital age, and to have this as a central mission.

It describes the activities of legal knowledge centers as: (1) focusing on solving real legal problems in society outside of the academy; (2) evaluating the problem-solving effectiveness of the legal knowledge being developed; (3) re-conceptualizing the structures used to represent legal knowledge, the processes through which legal knowledge is created, and the methods used to apply that knowledge; and (4) disseminating legal knowledge in ways that assist its implementation.

The article uses as extended examples of knowledge centers in the digital age the research laboratories in the sciences, and in particular research laboratories in linguistics and information science. It uses numerous examples to suggest how law schools might implement the concept of a knowledge center.”