Prof. Barbara Stark Presents New Papers

A conference room.

On March 1, Professor Barbara Stark presented a paper, “International Adoption Dilemmas,” on a panel at the 10th Annual Adoption Conference, A Retrospective and Prospective Look at International and Domestic Adoption, at New York Law School.

On April 7, Professor Stark presented “Only in New York: The Geography of Family Law,” at a Conference in honor of Professor Margo Melli, Making and Teaching “Real” Family Law, at the University of Wisconsin. This paper will be published as part of a special symposium in the Wisconsin Journal of Gender and the Law.

On May 29, Professor Stark presented a paper at the Annual Meeting of the Law & Society Association in Boston, Why Legal Scholarship Matters Now.

On June 3, Professor Stark organized and moderated a panel on International Law and Its Discontents at the 5th Annual International Law and Global Policy Conference at Harvard Law School. The panelists included eight of the contributing authors to a forthcoming book of the same title, to be published by Cambridge, which she is editing.

On June 8, Professor Stark presented “Adoption Dilemmas and the Changing Adoption Zeitgeist,” at the International Society of Family Law Conference at Brooklyn Law School.

On June 10, Professor Stark presented, “Empire State of Mind: Theorizing New York Family Law,” at a conference on the Jurisprudence of the Family, at Cardozo Law School.