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Prof. Ronald Colombo Comments on New Development in NY Attorney General’s Fraud Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Ronald J. Colombo, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law

Donald Trump demands AG Schneiderman produce names of victims in Trump University fraud case
By Glenn Blain/Daily News Albany Bureau
New York Daily News
March 16, 2014


In the latest salvo of their high-profile legal battle, [Donald] Trump’s lawyers have filed papers demanding that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman produce the names of all 5,000 people he claims were defrauded by the now-defunct Trump University. …

The legal maneuver — filed in March in Manhattan Supreme Court — is the outgrowth of [Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kern]’s ruling in January that nixed some of Schneiderman’s claims and limited the scope of others.

Trump and his legal team have hailed the ruling as a major victory that left Schneiderman with a shell of his former case and little choice but to produce the names of everyone he claims was victimized. …

Legal experts who reviewed Kern’s decision at the request of The Daily News, portrayed it as a mixed bag that kept alive the central fraud charge of Schneiderman’s lawsuit but left him with a tougher case to win.

“The heart of the lawsuit remains, but it is a much harder case for the government,” said Ronald Colombo, an associate dean at Hofstra University Law School.

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