Prof. Irina Manta Wins 2014 Stessin Prize

A gold medal of achievement.

Professor Irina D. Manta of Hofstra Law has been named one of two winners of Hofstra University’s Lawrence A. Stessin Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication for 2013-2014.

Manta, an associate professor of law, will receive the prize for her article “Hedonic Trademarks,” which was published in the Ohio State Law Journal, Vol. 74 (2013). The article, which shows how a robust trademark system must account for the possibility that producers serve as providers of hedonic values to consumers, has received much praise from the intellectual property law community.

The Stessin Prize recipients will be recognized at the Honors Convocation Ceremony on Sunday, May 18, 2014, at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse (South Campus).

About Lawrence A. Stessin and the Stessin Prize
Lawrence A. Stessin was a journalist who joined the Hofstra University faculty as a professor of management in 1958 and served continuously until his retirement in 1973. After graduating from the Columbia University School of Journalism, he worked at The New York Times and as a columnist and associate editor of Forbes magazine. Stessin also published in a wide range of scholarly and academic media.

During his lifetime and as part of his will, Stessin made substantial contributions to Hofstra University, including his contribution to the Endowment Fund, which led to the establishment of the Stessin Prize, an incentive and reward for junior faculty who publish the results of their scholarly work.

About Irina D. Manta
Irina D. Manta teaches intellectual property law subjects. Her research examines the intersection between intellectual property law and social science, with a focus on psychology. She has most recently written about the hedonic value of trademarks and its legal implications, the problem of cognitive bias in copyright infringement litigation, and the role of criminal sanctions in intellectual property.

Manta has published or has forthcoming work in the William & Mary Law Review, Iowa Law Review, Boston College Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Florida Law Review and Arizona Law Review, among others. She has also been a guest blogger at Concurring Opinions.