Faculty Notes

Prof. Barbara Stark Invited to Speak at AALS ‘Transnational Perspectives on Equality Law’ Workshop

Barbara Stark, Professor of Law and Hofstra Research Fellow, Associate Dean for Intellectual Life

Professor Barbara Stark was invited to present the paper “What Is International Antidiscrimination Law and Why Does It Still Matter?” at the Association of American Law Schools mid-year workshop on “Transnational Perspectives on Equality Law” in June 2014.

The invitation arose when Professor Stark queried the first line of the workshop announcement, “Antidiscrimination law is an American invention that has spread all around the world.” She wrote the organizers to question the odd omission of international law, pointing out that the American civil rights movement was part of — and inspired by — a broader, global human rights/anti-colonial movement.

She noted further that it was not just a matter of giving credit where credit was due; framing antidiscrimination law as an American invention preempts consideration of the economic inequality that has been a focus of international human rights, and conspicuously absent from American law.

In response, the organizers invited Professor Stark to present a paper at the workshop.