Faculty Notes

Prof. James Sample Speaks on Election Law Panel at University of Chicago Legal Forum Symposium

James Sample , Professor of Law

Professor James Sample delivered a talk and participated on a panel addressing the topic “Voters and Redistricting” at the 2014 University of Chicago Legal Forum Symposium.

The topic for the symposium, which took place on Nov. 7, was “Does Election Law Serve the Electorate?”

Professor Sample’s presentation focused on his forthcoming paper “Prioritizing the People: Pro-Voter Election Laws,” 2015 Chicago Legal Forum  (draft-in-progress) (forthcoming 2015).

The University of Chicago Legal Forum is Chicago Law’s second-oldest journal. The Legal Forum is a student-edited journal that focuses on a single cutting-edge legal issue every year, presenting an authoritative and timely approach to a particular topic.

Each fall, the journal hosts a symposium, with the participants then contributing articles for the volume. Past participants and published authors include Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Judge Richard Posner, Judge Frank Easterbrook, Judge Diane Wood, Judge Abner Mikva, Judge Patricia Wald, Judge Danny Boggs, Dean Lee Bollinger and Professors Randall Kennedy, Cass Sunstein, Lani Guinier, Richard Epstein and Akhil Reed Amar.

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