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Hofstra Law Librarians Give Thanksgiving Baskets to Local Family

For the past seven years, the Hofstra Law librarians have worked with the clinic office to give a Thanksgiving dinner to a family working with the clinic. The gift baskets include nearly everything a family would need for a Thanksgiving meal, including a turkey.

“By working with the clinic, we find a family that we were able to help during the holiday season and gain the opportunity to extend the Law School’s commitment to service,” says Mary Godfrey-Rickards, a reference/access services librarian. “The experience has been nothing short of rewarding — and seeing the look on the faces of the children is also pretty spectacular.”

With the help of the clinic, the librarians try to learn about the family so that the baskets can be personalized and small gifts can be included for the children. This year’s baskets included a singalong book and CD from the movie Frozen.

Rachel Summer 3L, who has been working with the family in the Youth Advocacy Clinic, delivered the baskets to a grateful family of nine.

“It was very rewarding to end the semester by delivering a Thanksgiving feast to the family,” says Summer. “Not only was the family immensely grateful for the food, but I was thankful to be able to give something as a congratulations on their efforts this semester.”

Donations for the dinner drive were made by the entire staff, a former staff member and public safety officers, as well as, librarians.

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