Dean for Experiential Education Jennifer Gundlach Advises Aspiring JDs About Practicums in U.S. News

Photo of Maurice A. Deane School of Law professor Jennifer A. Gundlach, Clinical Professor of Law

Jennifer A. Gundlach, senior associate dean for experiential education and clinical professor of law, is one a several experts cited in “Consider Practicums When Deciding on a Law School,” a May 7, 2015, article in the Education Rankings & Advice section of U.S. News & World Report.

The article presents practicum courses as a differentiating factor when trying to choose a law school. It also points out that practicums are one way law students can get hands-on learning that will make them more marketable and expand their network.

Professor Gundlach provides information about such topics as the kinds of work a student might do in a practicum, the differences between practicums and clinics, and the importance of learning the details of how each school defines its clinical and practicum offerings. “Really ask questions about who’s teaching it, whose clients are they, what’s the nature of the supervision,” she says.

The article concludes with this piece of advice: “For Gundlach, the most important thing is the depth and breadth of experiential​ education at a law school. When it comes to law, she says, ‘you really don’t learn it until you’re doing it and you’re applying it.’ ​”

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