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Prof. Irina Manta Presents at 4 Events, Appears on This Week in Law and Hearsay Culture

Irina D. Manta, Professor of Law

Professor Irina D. Manta organized or presented at the following events in spring 2015:

The “Intellectual Property Across Disciplinary Boundaries” Panel, The Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, on May 30, 2015, at which she served as the panel chair and speaker, presenting her paper “Intellectual Property Infringement as Vandalism.”

View more details about the event.

Read Professor Manta’s paper.

The “Intellectual Property and Eminent Domain” Panel, Maurice A. Deane School of Law, on April 21, 2015, for which she served as the organizer and a speaker.

View a video of the panel.

New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement Spring 2015 Symposium “Does IP Crime Merit High Fines and Hard Time?”, New England Law | Boston, on April 7, 2015, at which she was a featured panelist.

View more details about the symposium.

The Intellectual Property Speaker Series, Boston University School of Law, on April 6, 2015, at which she presented her paper “Intellectual Property Infringement as Vandalism.”

View more details about the speaker series.

Read Professor Manta’s paper.

This spring Professor Manta also made two media appearances:

She was a guest on TwiL (This Week in Law) on TwiT.tv in episode 306, “Leave the Bat’leth With the Bailiff,” on June 5, 2015.

View the episode.

She appeared on Hearsay Culture on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM in show no. 235, “Profs. Irina Manta and David Olson on consumer monitoring and price discrimination in the software market,” on Apr. 29, 2015.

Listen to the show.

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