Faculty Notes

Prof. Vern Walker Helps Organize 2015 ICAIL Workshop on Semantic Analysis of Legal Texts

Vern R. Walker, Professor of Law and Director of the Research Laboratory for Law, Logic and Technology

Professor Vern R. Walker was a member of the Organizing Committee for the 2015 Workshop on Automated Detection, Extraction and Analysis of Semantic Information in Legal Texts (ASAIL), which was held in conjunction with the 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, on June 8-12, 2015, in San Diego. He was also a member of the Program Committee for the Workshop.

The workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, academic and corporate researchers, legal practitioners, and legal service providers for an extended, collaborative discussion about applying natural language processing and machine learning to the semantic analysis of legal texts.

Semantic analysis is the process of relating syntactic elements and structures (at the level of phrases, clauses, and sentences) to their language-independent meanings in a given domain, including meanings specific to legal information. Semantic analysis therefore tries to represent the meaning of the text in a transparent and computational way.

Professor Walker also served as a member of the Program Committee for the main ICAIL conference. ICAIL provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research results in the field of applying artificial intelligence to law, and stimulates interdisciplinary and international collaboration.