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Prof. Alafair Burke Quoted in New York Times DealBook Story About Trial Strategy in Dewey Prosecution

Alafair S. Burke, Professor of Law and Hofstra Research Fellow

Mistrial Is Declared in Dewey & LeBoeuf Case
By Matthew Goldstein
DealBook, The New York Times
Oct. 19, 2015


The long deliberations and mistrial will raise questions about whether the case was too complex.

Alafair S. Burke, a criminal law professor at Hofstra University School of Law and a crime novelist, said that it was all too easy to second-guess how a case is argued, but noted that a major challenge with a trial that involves “a flood” of business documents “is to translate financial information into a narrative that jurors can understand.”

A jury must come away feeling “at a gut level that a crime was committed, not just a shady business practice,” she said.

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Professor Burke’s comments in the DealBook story were also reported in the ABA Journal story “Jurors and others unconvinced Dewey & LeBoeuf management was a crime” on Oct. 21, 2015.