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Prof. Joanna Grossman Comments in Yahoo News Story on Nontraditional Families

Joanna L. Grossman, Sidney and Walter Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law and Hofstra Research Fellow

All in the (nonnuclear, totally unorthodox) family
Fast-moving technological and legal shifts are altering concepts of parenting and relationships. It turns out you can pick your own family.
By Lisa Belkin
Yahoo News
January 14, 2016


Changes in law always lag behind shifts in culture (see no-fault divorce or same-sex marriage), and creating a nontraditional family often means devising workarounds. In families founded essentially for raising children, the complications are mostly about those children, and center on the fact that in every state (except, very recently, California) the law never recognizes more than two legal parents for any child.

“The law of two has been true forever,” says Joanna Grossman, a professor of family law at Hofstra University who specializes on the regulation of marriage. “That’s because until very recently, it wasn’t possible to have children that were biologically connected to more than two adults.”

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