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Prof. Joanna Grossman Comments in Huffington Post Story on Man’s Gender Discrimination Suit Against Yahoo

Joanna L. Grossman, Sidney and Walter Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law and Hofstra Research Fellow

Why A Man Is Suing Yahoo For Sexism
Read this before you roll your eyes.
By Shane Ferro
The Huffington Post
Feb. 4, 2016


“Generally anti-discrimination law protects everyone based on protected characteristics,” Joanna Grossman, a professor of family law at Hofstra University, told The Huffington Post. “It protects men just as much as it protects women. The question is did the employment action occur because of sex?”

For big tech firms to go about righting the gender balance in their workforce is actually pretty technical. If companies start adding mostly or only women without an official affirmative action plan, men might actually have a case that they are being discriminated against. But just because men might have a case doesn’t mean they’ll win.

“It’s just more believable when women come forward and say, ‘I didn’t get this job because I’m a woman,’” Grossman said. “The burden is the same legally, but the truth is that it’s harder to get the factfinder to draw the inference of discrimination.”

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